JVW Girls Football Development runs an Annual Schools League Tournament. The Tournament is hosted at the end of the 3-term school league and before kick off of the 4-term school league. This allows schools across both leagues to participate fairly in the tournament and gives school teams opportunity to play different opposition to those that they meet throughout their league. The first Annual Schools Tournmanet was won by Reddam House Bedfordview, who also went on to win the 2015 Open Girls Division.

In 2016, Edenvale High were crowned Tournament winners, after their win over Assumption Convent in the Final.

Need help Hosting a Tournament?

Tournaments are popular and a great way to grow the sport and of course raise some funds for your club, school and/or cause, but they can also be time consuming and complicated to run, especially if you are new to the game and of course have a full time job. Securing fields, hiring referees, assigning volunteers and finding sponsors are just a few things that Tournament directors have to deal with, all for just one day or weekend. But a successful tournament will leave lasting memories, and of course create such a vibe, that the teams that participate will already be planning for your next one! Soccer tournaments will want to enjoy a high success rate and will need to understand the importance of the experience to the Coaches, players, families and supporters.

  • We can assist you and your tournament in the following ways:
  • Running the Tournament from Start to Finish
  • Administration
  • Tournament Director and MC
  • Fixture Planning
  • Marketing
  • Football Stalls
  • Soccer Training Clinics
  • Speakers

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